ValveSonic Plus Technology

Milltek Innovation continual development programme now extents to a wide range of ValveSonic active valve control systems.

Covering vehicles with and without factory valve control the new range of modules fully integrate into the vehicles CAN BUS electronics to allow the driver to take full control of the cars exhaust sound and to enable retrofitting of valved exhausts to vehicles that do not feature this setup from Factory.

Now also available with Apple and Android app control on selected model to enable total customisation of the setup of the exhaust valves.

Models available include: -
  • Alfa Gulia & Stelvio
  • BMW M140i/M240i, M2, M3 & M4
  • Audi RS3, TTRS, S4/5/6 & 7, RS4/RS5/RS6 & 7
  • Mercedes C43, C63 & C63S
  • Ford Mustang
  • Mini Cooper S