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Active Sound is Back and Better than Ever!

Active Sound is Back and Better than Ever!Active Sound Version 2 widens the ability to give your car more character than ever before, offering everything the original version did plus a whole lot more. V2 has an increased selection of sound files and a wider range of configurable settings, making it the only platform to give you complete control over the sound of your vehicle.

The product developed by Milltek Sport, simulates a variety of different tones exiting through the outlet of your vehicle using cutting-edge carbon fibre speaker technology. The speaker is housed within a motorsport grade stainless-steel housing and links directly in to the vehicles network so that you can use “plug-and-play” technology to create a direct, algorithmically calculated relationship between road speed, throttle position and engine speed to generate a range of hyper-realistic exhaust tones.

Like V1, the new system can also be controlled from the free ‘Milltek Sport Active Sound Control’ app installed on your smartphone, allowing you to adjust the characteristics of your exhaust sound on the go. V2 features 8 pre-set selectable sound files as well as the ability to lay a “pop/crackle” feature to further enhance the tone. We have also including “A Mode” which gives a more realistic sound match to the sound of a combustion engine.

The 8 selectable sound files include true matches to Milltek Sport exhaust systems ranging from 5 cylinder, V8’s to V10s, that our Research & Development team have spent time perfecting and are proud to now be able to share with vehicles that otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience the same tones. For example, the Milltek Sport, Diesel T6 now features the same tone our development team have previously been able to generate on iconic vehicles like the 5 cylinder Audi’s, making our show trips all that much better!

A brand new addition to V2 is the “pop/crackle” feature, which the Active Sound Development team worked tirelessly on so that when you take your foot off the throttle in your active sound equipped vehicle, you can experience the same excitement that comes to so many of our performance exhaust customers with the rawest and probably the most exciting sound an exhaust can make. As the single unit is wired in direct to the vehicles CAN BUS (electronic control network) there is no need to control when the pop/crackle happens, it is it tuned so that the timing is as realistic as any other performance exhaust.

This leads us in to “A Mode” which allows for the more hyper realistic response to the throttle. It symphonizes the sound to match that of a combustion engine when moving through the rev range as well as when you come off the throttle, meaning that you can hear as much of the exhaust note changes as you would with any of our other performance sport exhausts. “A Mode” doesn’t quieten down after you come off the throttle, and instead will cut the sound to imitate what happens when you come off the throttle in a performance tuned vehicle.

This all new unit is retrofittable for a variety of vehicles such as diesels, electrics and newer vehicles with GPF systems that have components designed to dampen out the sound of the exhaust, while Installation has also been simplified from V1 by the sound generator and Bluetooth receiver being combined into one, simpler, unit, making it easier and quicker for you to enjoy the experience that your car may never have been to provide for you before otherwise.