Time Attack

The Time Attack Series is dedicated to representing the aftermarket scene and to providing a relevant motorsport to those within the scene. As a result we have formulated various classes within Time Attack that allow us to accommodate almost every level of driver and car type/marque and class them into a category that is fitting for that level, making any achievement relevant, substantial, meaningful and more importantly- sporting.

Time Attack is open to ALL marques and contrary to popular belief Time Attack is not just for the high-end tuner cars with large budgets. Since Time Attack was introduced to this country in 2005 we have worked hard to formulate classes that appeal to the guy on the street through to the high end tuners (from within the ultra competitive aftermarket tuning scene) that come to battle for Time Attack honours.

Milltek are sponsoring the Time Attack series as well as competing with their Volkswagen Golf Time Attack Car.

Official Time Attack Website